ICT services and products in Egypt

ICT services and products in Egypt

Hardware and infrastructure companies. The Internet companies market is dealt with two: infrastructure providers and service providers. (TEData, Orange DSL, Etisalat Egypt, others.)
Software and Internet companies. The list of Manufacturer, Service Provider, Trader is on the website: http://www.egypt-business.com/Company/katalog/IT-Telecom/Internet-Software
IT service providers. List of Internet service providers in Egypt: http://www.allisps.com/en/offers/EGYPT
Telecom operators. Landline telephony service: Telecom Egypt. Cellular communication service: Orange Egypt, Vodafone Egypt, Etisalat Egypt.

Current situation and prognosis

It can be stated that ICT demand is outstripped by supply in Egypt. The fundamental demand drivers of Egypt’s ICT sector are very attractive. The country has a large and growing population, increasing purchasing power and high media consumption. However, operators still have to navigate some tricky challenges. Price competition in the market has eased after aggressive discounting in recent years, but data usage and value-added services, which are seen as key revenue earners, still remain modest. The main supply factors of ICT services providers are affordability and availability of ICT infrastructure.
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The report Egypt 2014, Economy, Banking, Real Estate, Insurance, OXFORD business group

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