IoT solutions in Egypt & Companies

Companies in Egypt offering IoT solutions

IoT solutions in Egypt are provided by Key players in the IoT sector in Egypt are international companies such as Cisco, Vodafone, Ericsson, Gartner, etc. The other international or local companies providing IoT services and solutions are Giza Systems, SpimeSenseLabs or NGO – EITESAL.

IoT solutions in Egypt & companies

Cisco Egypt is offering IoT solutions for private and public companies by managing connected devices to create new revenue opportunities and lower operational costs.
Vodafone Egypt provides IoT services from Vodafone Business to enable two-way communication between devices located anywhere in the world. IoT enables the business to get real-time information to analyze and make decisions. Vodafone Egypt’s IoT products can be classified broadly into five different categories: smart wearable, smart home, smart city, smart environment, and smart enterprise.
In 2017 March the President of Ericsson in Egypt announced that the company will focus on the fifth- generation technologies, IoT and cloud computing in 2017 to employ these technologies in solutions such as remote driving. The mobile operators in Egypt are preparing their networks to make them ready to offer 5G services. It was noted that Lebanon, Turkey, and the Gulf states are amongst the candidates to lead the 5G technology in the coming period. Ericsson Egypt is located in Cairo.
Giza Systems is developing in-house applications that cater to the IoT technology. The end-to-end IoT solutions cater to the various industries including Telecom, Utilities, Smart Cities, Hospitality, and Transportation. The applications cover Home Automation, Environmental Monitoring, Smart Metering, Street Light Management, Emergency Center Management, and Deployment. Giza Systems, a leading systems integrator in the MEA (The Middle East and Africa) region, designs and deploys industry-specific technology solutions for asset-intensive industries such as the Telecoms, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Transportation, and other market sectors.
SpimeSenseLabs is an active entity in Egypt that is specialized in developing IoT applications and invented the IoT platform MasterOfThings in cooperation with ITI.
EITESAL (Egyptian Information, Telecommunications, Electronics, and Software Alliance) is a private sector, non-profit entity of ICTE companies, Multinational Corporations, Organizations, and Institutions operating in Egypt. EITESAL supports entrepreneurs who dream of starting their own and is the first incubation specialized hardware based on IOT (Internet of Things) in the Middle East.
In 2016 Etisalat a leading company in telecommunications in Egypt has launched IoT services in Egypt in cooperation Oberthur Technologies which a leading global provider of embedded security software products, services, and solutions.
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