IoT technologies and solutions in Egypt

IoT technologies and solutions in Egypt

The technical assumptions for introducing IoT technologies and solutions in Egypt can be analyzed through the political situation, business environment, the ICT infrastructure and the system of education.

Political situation in Egypt

It is important to mention that Egyptian crisis 2011-2015, which began with the Egyptian revolution of 2011 has least affected the ICT sector. On the contrary, Egypt’s ICT sector increasing every year, it is forecasted that ICT sector will represent 8.43% of GDP by 2020.7 The Egyptian government has introduced Egypt’s ICT 2030 strategy, where ICT technologies expected to contribute to the economic growth of the country.

Business environment

There are many opportunities to attract finances for starting a new business in Egypt. Egypt government claims that the country is open for business and is encourage investments in the ICT sector. The start-up market in Egypt has been quietly growing over the last decade.

The ICT infrastructure

Technology parks have become a public policy tool to promote local economic development and technological progress in Egypt.

System of the Education

The Government of Egypt has introduced the programs in cooperation with numerous training institutes to fully meet the needs of the society of Egypt and international

ICT market

Aiming to raise the competitive edge of Egyptian calibers, MCIT8 provides comprehensive capacity building programs based on real-world experience.
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  • The current market state of Internet of things in Egypt: perception and understanding of IoT technologies
  • What are the technical assumptions for introducing IoT technologies and solutions in Egypt?
  • What are the obstacles of introducing IoT to the market in Egypt and the Middle East countries
  • What are the main companies in Egypt offering IoT solutions?
  • What are the funding instruments (public and private) available for developing IoT solutions?
  • IT (software development) studies and programs available in Egyptian higher education system. What are the main differences in IT studies between Lithuania and Egypt?
  • Previous analysis can be downloaded in a powerpoint presentation.

The organization spearheading Egypt’s ICT growth

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