Main premises of the entrance to the Egyptian market

Legal premises

Egypt is actively engaged in efforts to develop regional and international agendas and strategies in the field of information and communications technology. Ministry of Comunications and Information Technology of the Arab Republic of Egyt12 is responsible for ICT policy formation and development. Egypt’s ICT 2030 strategy supports the development of the communications sector both regionally and internationally by designing new initiatives such as the electronics design and manufacturing and capacity building to maximize ICT contributions to the economic growth of the country.13 The vision of the ICT 2030 strategy to make Egypt as a key player on the ICT global map.

Financial premises

There are many opportunities to attract finances for starting a new business in Egypt (see section 9 of the analysis).

Infrastructure premises

IT Infrastructure: Egypt is at the crossroads of several global fiber•optic backbone cables and is in a unique position to leverage this resource for content distribution in the MENA region and beyond. A fiber•optic backbone network now runs the length of Egypt along the Nile. Egypt adopted a number of policies and initiatives that assisted in making a good basis for the ICT market in Egypt. Mobile signals now cover 99.7 per cent of Egypt. Fixed and mobile
broadband connectivity has been extended to urban and peri-urban areas. As regards the broadcasting sector, Egypt operates its own communication satellite system which is wellknown as Nilesat. Nilesat takes a form of an Egyptian joint stock company established in 1996 by public and private entities for the purpose of operating Egyptian satellites and their associated control stations and uplinking facilities.14

Technology parks

Technology parks in Egypt. Technology parks have become a public policy tool to promote local economic development and technological progress in Egypt. Silicon Waha is a leading joint stock company, founded in May 2016 with the aim of creating a series of specialized business and technology parks.
Egypt’s technology parks are set in the different locations across the country:

  • Smart
  • Cairo Technology Park in Maadi
  • Silicon Waha
  • Borg Al –Arab Park
  • Sadat Park
  • New Assiut Park
  • Beni Suef Park
  • 10th of Ramadan Park
  • New Aswan Park

The technological parks were opened in 2016 in Assiut and Borg El-Arab. The technological parks will contribute to increasing exports from the programming industry and the provision of telecommunications and information technology services on behalf of major international companies. These parks will enhance Egypt’s global position in the fields related to information and communications technology. They will also provide jobs in all governorates, and 4,000 jobs in each area during the first year.

Cultural premises

The most common language spoken in Egypt is Egyptian Arabic, young Egyptians often can speak English. Women’s rights in Egypt have been a problem over the last few years. Egyptian Business people and also government officials, specifically those that have roles near the top of the ladder, are much more conservative than business people in the West. Casual dress is not something you will find in the Egyptian workplace and rarely will you see the president or CEO in anything other than a suit and tie. Before a meeting, make sure that you lookyour best. Egyptians are very clean, and older Egyptians appreciate a conservative and well- dressed individual. Be sure to shine your shoes and make sure that everything is spotless.
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