Market characteristics of the ICT sector in Egypt

Characteristics of the ICT sector in Egypt

Egypt is primarily a free-market economy with some state control. The private companies are mostly operating in the Egyptian ICT market. Egypt offers a large consumer market for ICT services and products. It is a growing market of  around 85.8 million population, over 50% of them are below the age of 25. The total literacy rate is 74%, according to UNICEF, while youth literacy is 92%, suggesting that Egypt is moving towards full literacy. And this is one of the main market characteristics of the ICT sector in Egypt and main consumers.

ICT usage

ICT usage  has grown rapidly in Egypt in recent years, but there are great opportunities for expansion across all segments of the market, particularly for retail, small and medium-sized enterprises, informal business, as hardware becomes more easily available.
When analysing Egypt’s ICT sector, 3 types of consumer can be identified:

  1. The public sector (the government and local institutions),
  2. Private sector (the companies, business), and
  3. Final single consumers.

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  • ICT sector in Egypt
  • Market characteristics of the ICT sector in Egypt and main consumers
  • ICT services and products in Egypt
  • ICT services and products: supply and demand (current situation and prognosis)
  • Main competitors of the ICT market (companies and short description of the activities)
  • The pricing of the ICT services and products
  • Main premises of the entrance to the market (legal, financial, infrastructure, cultural)
  • SWOT analysis of the ICT sector in Egypt
  • Doing ICT business in Egypt and start-up’s communities
  • Powerpoint presentation (all topics included + more)

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