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PriorityNameDescriptionTargetsWants toAdvantagesLinks
NormalHome Fur FurnitureOffering a wide range of the highest quality natural wool/fur products (pillows, mattress covers, quilts, blankets, bedding, pet beds, rugs, poufs, stools, chair pads). All products are hypo-allergenic and resistible to dust and mites.Distributors and interior companiesSweden, Finland, Norway, DenmarkUnique product & PricingDiscuss in Slack
NormalExclusive Home Accessories from Bent WoodExclusive home accessories made from bent wood: Clothes hangers, trivets, storage boxes, wine boxes, bins, pet food serving trivets, monitor and headphone stands.Distributors and interior companiesSweden, Finland, Norway, DenmarkDiscuss in Slack
NormalCustom Made Cabinet DoorsCompany specializes in high quality custom furniture door manufacturing. Founded in 1992.Furniture companies and interior designersSweden, Finland, Norway, DenmarkUnique productDiscuss in Slack
NormalNut, Seed and Dried FruitsGuarantee high quality of the product and work accordingly to customers needs. They have their own transportation for the whole Europe.VariousSweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & EUDiscuss in Slack
NormalLithuanian Ethnic FoodCompany provide quality ethnic food products with timely delivery and convenience of ordering online.Small grocery chains, niche distributorsSweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & EUUnique productDiscuss in Slack
NormalDried and Cured Meat productsFood distributors, eco-related shopsSweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & EUUnique productDiscuss in Slack
NormalInvisible and Hidden DoorsCompany sells interior, exterior doors that meet specific and technical specifications, as well as various door accessories and accessories. Construction companies, interior designersSweden, Finland, Norway, DenmarkUnique productDiscuss in Slack
NormalHome FurnitureB2B Distributors, E-commerce ownersSweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & EUDiscuss in Slack
NormalElectrical Systems Design and Installation services*Security & Fire Alarm Systems *Access Control Systems *CCTV Systems *Computer/Telecommunication Network Systems *Electrical Equipment/Lightning Systems *Automatic Solutions *Design of any other Electrical SystemsConstruction companies, electrical companiesSweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & EUPrice and knowledgeDiscuss in Slack
NormalBiological Sewage Treatment PlantsCompany sells, installs and maintains water treatment systems, grease and oil traps.DistributorsSweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & EUDiscuss in Slack
NormalVitamins and Food supplements: Contract Manufacturing, Blistering, Packaging and LabelingThey are the only company in Europe, which has a special blistering equipment, able to pour three different components into one blister, and in result of this they have a unique food supplement product.Health related shops, Vitamin and supplements manufacturersSweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & EUDiscuss in Slack
NormalModular buildings, container structuresCompany specializes in the production of module houses, wall lining and profiles. Construction companies, Rental companies of similar productsSweden, Finland, Norway, DenmarkPrice and knowledgeDiscuss in Slack
UrgentNew generation fertilizer based on nano technologyStable composition of high quality nano size mineral elements, in liquid form.Thef ormulation is the effect of many years of searching and testing. Stabilizes and stimulates plant metabolism in a natural way.Agriculture realted shops, AgriEco companiesSweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & EUPrice and knowledgeDiscuss in Slack
UrgentPrecision mechanics manufacturerOptics, Laser technology, Healthcare, Defence, AerospaceSweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & EUQuality and knowledgeDiscuss in Slack
NormalMobile application developersOutsourcingFinlandPriceDiscuss in Slack
UrgentPHP Development companyOutsourcingFinlandPriceDiscuss in Slack
NormalReinforcement manufacturerConstruction companiesNorway, SwedenPriceDiscuss in Slack
Urgent.NET Development companyOutsourcingSweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & EUPriceDiscuss in Slack
UrgentGeneral IT CompanyOutsourcingFinlandPrice and knowledgeDiscuss in Slack
NormalKitchen splash-backs with Printed PicturesTreated and clearcoated Looks like glass and durable like glass, fits any kitchen. Water, dirt, uv, heat and scratch proof, made from MDF.Construction companies, interior designersSweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & EUUnique productDiscuss in Slack
NormalCucumber jamRestraurants, small food shops, Food distributors, niche taste food suppliersSweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & EUUnique productDiscuss in Slack
NormalBespoke Home and Office furniture10 years of experience in manufacturing Bespoke Kitchen, Office and Home furniture. Company has their own interior designers and architects.DistributorsSweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & EUDiscuss in Slack
NormalBranded Clothing wholesaleThey are on their way becoming one of the leading distributors, suppliers and wholesalers of fashion stock in the Baltics.DistrbutorsSweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & EUDiscuss in Slack
UrgentMobile Development company want to FinlandOutsourcingFinlandDiscuss in Slack
NormalWASHING GELMade from Natural Ingredients and 100% biodegradable components including packaging.DistributorsSweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & EUDiscuss in Slack
NormalDifferent Size Storage ContainersMade from Fiberglass, HDPE, PPCDistributorsSweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & EUDiscuss in Slack
NormalFrozen Lithuanian precooked foodCompany offers a wide variety of precooked frozen products that are quick to prepare, such as dumplings, crêpes, pizzas, chiburekki and different kinds of potato and cottage cheese products.Fast food restaurants, DistributorsSweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & EUDiscuss in Slack
NormalAssembly and production, Defects Identification servicesProvide the assembly, defect identification, repair, diagnostics and adjustment services to energy and industrial companies and contractors. Over ten years we have implemented over 200 projects in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Sweden.Energy, Industrial, Engineering related companiesSweden, NorwayPriceDiscuss in Slack
NormalCarbon Fiber Products ManufacturerMain activity of the company was manufacturing of sports equipment from the carbon and glass prepreg or RTM. Carbon and glass prepreg of different modules and weights are used for manufacturingVarious partnersSweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & EUUnique productDiscuss in Slack
NormalLooking for ways to the manufacturers to repair, transfer and maintain their machineryExperienced in repairing, moving, maintaining a wide range of machines - in paper, wood, furniture, metal, food and other industries.Various machine manufacturers and industrial companiesEastern and Western EuropePrice and knowledgeDiscuss in Slack
NormalWelfare worksEngineering networks, telecommunication installation, paving, curbing, roadworksEngineering, Telecomunication companiesSweden, Finland, Norway, DenmarkPrice and knowledgeDiscuss in Slack
UrgentQuality Furniture manufacturer and designer companySpecializing in production of ergonomic furniture and in complex project management and implementation.Offices, Hotels, furniture manufacturers, interior companiesNorway, Finland, United KingdomQuality, PriceDiscuss in Slack
LowLadles for agriculture elevators seeking for expansion to EUA specific product for agriculture sector, grain elevators that use ladles to lift grains.Farming companies, Elevators manufacturersEUQuality, PriceDiscuss in Slack
NormalSpecialists of concreting and foundation of wind turbines and pile foundations + electricity line postsEarthworks, Foundations, Various concreting works, Prefabricated structures, Masonry work, Demolition work, Geodetic measurementsConstruction work areas, Buildings constructionSweden, GermanyBig team, Specialized expertiseDiscuss in Slack
NormalGrowth Hacking Agency expanding to NordicsStartups, InvestorsFinlandPrice and expertiseDiscuss in Slack
NormalEngineering and processes automation company want to find new projectsInnovative building engineering system process management and automation solutions. A highly skilled team of certified designers, programmers, supervisors and installers has implemented a number of different complexity projects and therefore can offer complex solutions from creating a project task to handover an object to the customer or his authorized organization.Various, based on portoflioSweden, GermanyPrice, KnowledgeDiscuss in Slack
NormalThe company produce grey and nodular cast iron parts (0,3 - 10000 kg weight)Provide designing of molding equipment, manufacture of patterns, pre- and full machining, coating, and painting. Continuous casting lines are designed to produce round, square, or rectangular bars of different sizes. VariousNordics, EuropeInnovations, CapacitiesDiscuss in Slack
NormalFloor and Wall coatings company seeks to enter ships renovation areasAbility to offer them high quality, professional and boring pavement solutions. If needed, we bring samples of the flooring, measure it, carry out the foundation preparation and lay the flooring or coatings of your choice.Ship owners or renovation companiesFinlandPrice, ExpertiseDiscuss in Slack
NormalChemical storage plastic tanksProduces static non-pressurised chemical storage plastic tanks made of welded extruded sheets of polyethylene (PE-HD), polypropylene (PPC, PPH), PVDF and PVC .Scandinavia, EuropeDiscuss in Slack
NormalWorkforce for construction, repair, reconstruction or cultural heritage managementEngineering networks, telecommunication installation, paving, curbing, roadworksConstruction companiesScandinaviaDiscuss in Slack
NormalRestoration and conservation of heritage objectsSpecialists of restoration and conservation of heritage objects looking for more projects in foreign countriesScandinavia, GermanyExpertise, PriceDiscuss in Slack
NormalProducer of sports inventoryHardened glass, acrylic plastic, yacht plywood, as well as some model basketball hoops. We design original structures for gyms that can be stationary or lifting, we manufacture gymnastic walls, benches, mattresses of various sizes, wall and column guards, stationary and telescopic standsDistributorsScandinaviaDiscuss in Slack
NormalWooden building material supplier wants to go to Scandinavia and Western EuropeTimber / structural timber (double sawn pine, spruce): rafters, murlots, strings, laths, rafters, struts, boards, beams, noodles, laths, beams, sidewalks and more.Construction companiesDiscuss in Slack
NormalClassic and Healthcare and Spa staff uniformsYour employees clothing design, fabric selection, sketches and submission of technical documentationHealthcare, SpaGermany, United Kingdom, ScandinaviaKnowledge, PriceDiscuss in Slack
NormalA producer of mechanical components using modern CNC machinesAs well as conventional metal cutting equipment. 15 years of experience in machining business. Stainless steel, common kinds of steel, aluminium, different plastics are used in our production.VariousScandinavia, EuropeWide range of capabilitiesDiscuss in Slack
NormalHome Furniture supply to Scandinavia and Western EuropeHigh-quality, durable and pleasantly looking soft furniture with original design and customized modeling. More than 14 years of experience working with Canadian technologiesDistributorsScandinavia, EuropeDiscuss in Slack
NormalExplosive specialists want to penetrate to FinlandBlasting, tower demolition, building destruction and other special projects. Construction CompaniesScandinaviaDiscuss in Slack
NormalFurniture components manufacturer looking for partnersFurniture components are manufactured using CNC cutting, milling, and drilling equipment.Furniture companiesFiland, SwedenPriceDiscuss in Slack
NormalHPL Facades supplier looking for buyersEXTERIOR - Ventilated facades HPL facades (high pressure laminates) and INTERIOR facades which has resistance to the environment (humidity, heat, cold) HPL laminates intensively used river basins, tabletops, shower partitions and other interior features bathroom, sanitary, toilet, dressing and so on. for booths.Architects who use HPLSweden, NorwayPricingDiscuss in Slack
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NameDescriptionOperatingAmountMarket shareExpansion toProposalStatusLink for morePriority
Online Marketplace in Indonesia offering attractionPlatform for Tour Operators and Experience Providers Sell Activities and Experience Tours Online and Travel Bloggers/Influencers to earn commission/referral fees. Business Model – B2B2C Commercial Model – Marketplace Commission. Indonesia100 - 300K EURUnder NDANegotiatibleGathering dataDiscuss in SlackNormal
ML driven SaaS for unmanned vending storesOffering dynamic product mix and under 1 min product delivery time Hasslefree and quick ordering on mobile app designed for on the go mobile first users Proprietary machine learning tech driven replenishment supply chain platform Currently running stores for selling snacks, beverages and fresh meals across in 2 citiesIndia4M EURUnder NDANegotiatibleGathering dataDiscuss in SlackNormal
Natural, organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil for your pet´s wellbeingNatural, made in Europe with extracts of hemp authorized by European regulations, Weedley products contain less than 0.05% of THC and are devoid of any psychoactive effect. They contain no GMO, no heavy metals and no preservatives.France3M EURUnder NDANegotiatibleGathering dataDiscuss in SlackNormal
AI powered Engineering Service companyWorld No 1 in ENGINEERING services with disruptive technologies like AI with no competition across the globe.India3M EURUnder NDA20% of equityGathering dataDiscuss in SlackNormal
E-Vehicles manufacturing (Electric Tractors)Invention is a zero-emission ecological tractor apt for horticultural or greenhouse works or moving goods within factories and vehicle to haul luggage in airports.India10M EURUnder NDA28-30% equity.Gathering dataDiscuss in SlackNormal
Alternative Healthcare to the conventional brick and mortar modelStrives to bridge this gap between doctors and patients through a digital channel of primary healthcare delivery anytime anywhereIndia10M EURUnder NDANegotiatibleGathering dataDiscuss in SlackNormal
Prociding DIY Robotic kits for learningA leader in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) education & offers its own range of Do-It-Yourself Robotics kits.India7M EURUnder NDAEquity and DebtGathering dataDiscuss in SlackNormal
HR Tech startupSaaS Commerce Platform for Workforce Engagement India10M EURUnder NDANegotiatibleGathering dataDiscuss in SlackNormal
Customized Holiday PackagesBest way to plan a perfect holiday online Customise itineraries and book your holiday instantlyIndia500 - 800K EURUnder NDANegotiatibleGathering dataDiscuss in SlackNormal
Next Gen maker of industrial IoT systemsAllows businesses to visualize their operations, providing information that can easily translate into measurable impact on the bottom-line.India1M EURUnder NDANegotiatibleGathering dataDiscuss in SlackNormal
Online Healthcare and Wellness service ProviderWants to connect users with the all healthcare and wellness service providers to make sure the convenience, trust affordability and availability in your neighbourhood.India3M EURUnder NDANegotiatibleGathering dataDiscuss in SlackNormal
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NormalDomestic Paint "JOTUN"N/ANorwayLithuaniaDiscuss in Slack
NormalRejects/Returns ImportN/AScandinaviaLithuaniaDiscuss in Slack
NormalSea Food ImportN/ATurkey, SpainLithuaniaDiscuss in Slack
NormalScandinavian Clothing Brands wholesaleN/AScandinaviaLithuaniaDiscuss in Slack
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